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How is 2018 looking for new technology?

January 9, 2018

It's January 2018 and that means the world's largest electronics trade show, The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018), has kicked off in Las Vegas.  With a turnout of over 180,000 people over the three days, this year's CES is expected to showcase the latest in self-driving cars, 8K tv's and many other gadgets.


Every year at CES, TV's take centre stage, with no shortage of incredible innovations to television technology and so far, 2018 is no exception.  With exhibits from Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic.


As far as incredible innovation goes, LG kicked the TV scene off with a prototype 65-inch rollable OLED screen, announcements that all the future TV's from LG will incorporate voice assistants and unveiled an 8K television. 


Also announcing their own smart home assistant robot named CLOi which LG are promising that it will 'Learn and Evolve' to a specific user.  From identifying what temperature to set the air conditioner, check your fridge to for any needed groceries, open the garage door in time for you to arrive home, among many other possible applications.  Although apparently CLOi had a serious case of stage fright during the unveiling as it didn't want to play the game.   They also revealed concept servant robots designed to serve breakfast, check in guests at hotels and a shopping cart robot that scans barcodes.


Samsung followed closely behind with their own innovation, debuting a world first Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV. "At Samsung, we are dedicated to providing consumers with a wide range of cutting-edge screen experiences," Said Jonghee Han, the president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “As the world’s first consumer modular Micro LED television, ‘The Wall’ represents another breakthrough. It can transform into any size, and delivers incredible brightness, color gamut, color volume and black levels. We’re excited about this next step along our roadmap to the future of screen technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers.”


CES 2018 will conclude on January 12th, meaning that it's a guarantee that we will be seeing a lot more great innovations, strange gadgets we didn't know we needed and more live unveils that don't go as planned - as is the case with LG's "CLOi".

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