Billions of Devices at Risk After Security Flaw

Billions of users may be impacted by a new security vulnerability affecting countless devices. Researchers have recently uncovered two major vulnerabilities affecting processors on “nearly all of the world’s computers,” according to The New York Times.

The vulnerabilities, known as Meltdown and Spectre, could potentially give hackers the ability to steal memory contents of computers, including mobile devices, personal computers, and servers.

Google and Microsoft have already announced updates to protect against the flaw, and we can expect other vendors to follow suit shortly. While it has been widely reported the bug is unique to Intel, the company has released a statement that many different vendors are susceptible to the


As we are only just kicking off 2018, it is vital to businesses of all sizes to fully understand the importance of data backup and recovery options and what to do when the inevitable happens. To read more on the state of ransomware, read my post from late last year.

Towards the end of last year, NQBE partnered with Datto to develop a service that would minimise losses left in the wake of hackers and ransomware, and disasters that would be devastating to a SMB. After a recent successful trial run of this new Data backup and recovery service, we are now ready to integrate this system into our Managed ICT Solution.

SaaS Protection Solution

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