How artificial intelligence will impact the future of the business industry

We're almost halfway through 2018 and one topic that is at the front of all tech related news is one that I'm sure everyone has heard of, Artificial Intelligence. Unsurprisingly, AI is taking over many areas of life due to

it's capability to process massive amounts of data.

Across all organisations, from the tech giants like Google and Apple to even entire governments, billions of dollars are being put towards developing powerful AI to gain the competitive advantage. AI is very rapidly becoming synonymous with power, giving those who take advantage the opportunity to stay on top of their competition. For organisations to take advantage of AI requires keeping a few aspects in mind.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is as the name suggests, teaching machines about certain subjects for various purposes. Think Google's own "Google Assistant" or Amazon's "Alexa". Machines are being taught to become smarter and given the capability of thinking contextually.


According to many industry analysts, in the very near future it is highly unlikely that there won't be an industry that automation hasn't touched. One of the most likely areas of AI to play a major role in shaping the future of the business and financial industry, over the next decade automation will be applied to many different aspects; from manufacturing, food & beverage, customer care, telecommunications and even transportation. Machines, using powerful AI are now capable of writing pieces of literature, such as stories and news articles.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Facial recognition, Object detection, pattern recognition and obstacle avoidance, all things that AI is currently being developed for. Car companies, security firms and financial analytics groups are all investing heavily into AI to take advantage of an AI's deep learning capabilities.

Companies like Tesla are working on their Autopilot system, to allow its cars to navigate remotely. Apple is working on it's already excellent facial recognition system.

Actual AI

Combining all of the above aspects, however, is the ultimate end game for researchers. To create a true AI that is capable of thinking, similar to how we humans think.

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