About Us

We believe adding genuine value to every interaction we have with our partners is what being a local business truly means.

Humble Beginnings

Trusted for Service since 1982

In September of 1982, Rank Xerox began experimenting with dealers to promote their office products in non-metro areas, beginning with Mackay, Cairns and Lismore.  This was a first for Xerox worldwide and NQBE Integrated I.T, previously known as The Xerox Shop, was one of these experimental dealerships.

With offices serving Queensland already established in Brisbane and Townsville and following the success of their dealership trials, Rank Xerox soon became Fuji Xerox and paved way for FujiFilm Business Innovation Australia's key network of dealers that we know today.

In 1987, following the deregulation of the Telecommunications Industry, NQBE expanded beyond just the Xerox brand and introduced a new telephony service, beginning with Philips Telephone Systems and later NEC Systems.  In 1992, NQBE chose to start representing Ericsson, who at the time held majority market share. Then in 2008, Aastra bought the rights to Ericsson’s PBX Phone Systems before being bought out by the current world leaders in business telecommunications, Mitel.

Proudly representing FujiFilm Business Innovation Australia and Mitel, NQBE began restructuring to move away from simply selling a product to a customer based on their wants and to start offering a solution to its business partners to minimise their costs and boost productivity and efficiency.

With the restructuring of not only it’s business model but an entire mindset, NQBE expanded into the local business it is known for today.  With the internal culture of providing solutions to offer value driving the restructure, NQBE set the standard of its business dealings with a core focus.

By keeping the focus on giving back, whether through providing value to local businesses or supporting the local community however it could, NQBE remained a proud local of the Mackay, Whitsundays and Bowen Basin community.  With the introduction of a simple but powerful philosophy, NQBE brought together a group of local individuals and created a team of employees with the same passion for the community that supported NQBE Integrated I.T for 38 years.

Mike Webb

Managing Director / Founder

Webb Bros Integrated I.T Group

NQBE Integrated I.T

Our Philosophy

  • To offer our partners market leading solutions.

  • Our staff are to always exhibit professionalism and integrity,  earning trust and customer satisfaction by their actions.

  • The benefit to the customer is to be made our number one priority.

  • To keep our staff and business partners at the forefront of office technology solutions.

  • To ensure our staff have the opportunity of a rewarding and stable working environment.

  • To always remember our humble beginnings and our agreement to support the local community.


NQBE Integrated I.T is a Managed ICT Services provider with a local touch. We are a services-based organisation that tailors business solutions across all aspects of Print, Communications & IT, giving us the unique opportunity of being a single point of contact for our customers.

When you choose NQBE Integrated I.T as your managed service provider, you’ll be partnering with a local company with over 37 years experience in tailoring solutions. We will work closely with you to build a long lasting relationship and tailor the right solution for you.

With a managed solution designed to your organization's specific needs, you can’t lose. You will have access to critical technical support and infrastructure designed to maximise efficiency & performance with the flexibility to scale with your business.

A partnership with NQBE is a guarantee on your office technology. Focus on what you do best while enjoying the cost savings of an efficient workplace with a dedicated support team, proactive servicing and infrastructure designed from the ground up with efficiency and productivity in mind.

NQBE Integrated IT offerings


We know that asking the right questions makes all the difference.


We consider all the facts before we come up with the best solution.


We work alongside you as a team to set the right plan in motion.


You can't support what you don't measure. Without measuring usage, we couldn't offer proactive support.