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Jump the digital divide with business nbn Enterprise Ethernet

Is your internet connection keeping up with your business?

Accessible and reliable business grade fibre – business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is available now in our region. This exciting digital transformation towards faster and more reliable internet connectivity will assist your business in competing on a regional and national level - better than ever before.

NQBE are your local business nbn™ accredited advisers and your digital experts when it comes to the latest in internet connectivity and technology. Our purpose-built business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet connections provide scalable solutions based on your business needs now, and for the future.

Let’s face it, connection woes in the workplace can do more than just impact your bottom line. It can negatively affect:

  • Productivity and output

  • Client relationships and confidence

  • Employee satisfaction 

  • Innovation and growth

What makes business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet different?
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Connecting your business directly to business nbn™ Fibre Access, you’ll benefit from your own dedicated connection. This means it’s even easier
for business to enjoy the benefits of symmetrical speed and priority data options of close to 1Gbps.
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business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet has been designed to be configurable to deliver a stable and reliable network connection.
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A dedicated support service managed by a team specialising in connections, ensuring minimal disruption to your service.

The days of slow, unreliable internet are behind us – step forward with a faster, more reliable connection today

Need more proof? Here are some industries that have already benefited from a business-grade fibre internet upgrade.


Digital challenges:
  • Effective collaboration and quality control on large project files
  • The ability to send and receive large job critical files, while downloading and working on local files simultaneously
  • Fast, reliable connectivity for off-site staff
Regional Australia Bank facilities are often separated by hundreds of kilometres and requires regular communication through voice or video calls to operate effectively. Before business nbn™, they would regularly receive complaints from staff about dropouts and call issues. The fibre connection upgrade has enabled their service provider to offer connectivity plans with features such as prioritised data, giving confidence in their applications and systems when they need them most.

Learn more - RAB’s business nbn™ case study.


Digital challenges:
  • A great deal of collaboration between teams
  • The ability to send and receive data in a timely manner is critical to productivity
  • Collaboration with partners on large files daily
Byron Bay company Cumulus Visual Effects is now able to “compete with some of the big kids in the big cities” thanks to upgrading to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.

Learn more - Cumulus Visual Effects business nbn™ case study.


Digital challenges:
  • Prompt customer service and guest satisfaction mean everything
  • Fast download expectations for streaming movies, shows and music by guests
  • Connectivity required for dispersed staff, security systems and WHS procedures
Big4 East Beach Holiday Park improved their security, phone systems and customer experience thanks to stronger connectivity with business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. “Our customer service ratings have really improved, thanks to additional connectivity, and our staff can easily action requests from anywhere.”

Learn more - Big4 East beach Holiday Park business nbn™ case study.


Digital challenges:
  • Digital divide in regional and remote regions compared to metro regions
  • Growth in online learning services and applications
  • Advancement in technology, systems and infrastructure used on site
business nbn™ allows schools, universities, and training facilities to utilise robust digital learning tools and leading-edge technology systems, regardless of their location. From online learning services and applications for remote learning for students and professional development for teachers, as well as on site systems that require a connection offering high levels of speed and reliability.

Ready to flick the switch? Contact us today to discuss a purpose-built connection strategy for your business.