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Cloud-based print technology

Print on the go and improve business efficiency

NQBE’s Cloud Print Services provide an efficient, affordable path to managing your print needs, with added security and savings. From small companies to large enterprises, we can help reduce the burden on your IT resources, with the simple setup and maintenance of a cloud print service – across one or many locations.


Why make the move to cloud printing?

Today’s employees are more mobile than ever before. Imagine your team being able to send a print job from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), to any printer within the organisation. This is what cloud printing can do, plus more.


Your business will benefit from:

·         Supporting a remote working environment, that is secure and user-friendly

·         Mitigating risk and improving print efficiency

·         Reducing the need for messy cords and excessive infrastructure

·         The ability to add or remove users or devices with a few simple clicks

·         Streamlining maintenance with automated updates and access to insights


Despite a shift in digital trends, printing is still a vital component in conducting business.


Now is the time to set up your business for the future of printing.