Managed Telco Solution

Changes the way your employees communicate with each other and your customers

Your Managed Telco Solution

Our Managed Telecommunication Solutions allow us to provide you with new and innovative ways of doing business. We offer a range of communication and telephony network services both reliable and innovative, with complete transparency and control
over costs and usage.

To go along with our network services, we also provide a wide range of both on-premise and hosted IP handsets as part of our
telecommunications solutions, each with a comprehensive list of features.


We are a recognised NBN service provider.  Our inhouse industry certified cabling team means we take complete ownership of your communication solution from design to implementation. 


When you choose NQBE for all your business communication needs, we can guarantee there will be no waiting for hours on hold to speak to someone in a foreign call centre. 

With NQBE as your business partner, you are speaking to a local person each time and will have access to in house technicians and support.


What sets NQBE Integrated I.T apart from other Print Service providers?

  • We provide an obligation free business analysis to show you how you can save

  • Over 35 years' experience, we are experts in what we do

  • We are a one-stop-shop, providing innovative solutions in Print, IT and Telephony

  • We are and have always been locally owned and operated

  • We provide tailored solutions to businesses across all industries

  • We operate in a environmentally responsible way


Enjoy the freedom of having a solution that will grow with your business.  Your employees will stay connected to the office and will be able to talk from anywhere.


Pay nothing upfront, reduce your operational expenditure and pay only for what your business needs

Control & Efficiency

With a hassle free implementation and complete control of change management, you won't need to worry about the transition.

A Hosted Solution For Greater Flexibility

​Our U.B.T option, is a hosted telephony system, available as-a-service on a monthly subscription basis, providing you with a flexible phone solution for a fraction of the cost. It is delivered across our own intelligent Network, Ne.Connect, which allows you to utilise a fully featured communication suite, without installing expensive, on-premise, PBX equipment. Unified Business Technology (U.B.T) is NQBE's answer to the ever-changing telecommunications industry, the move away from the traditional PBX infrastructure and the push towards hosted IP and unified business communications. Developed in house and hosted by our own cloud service, NQBE's Unified business technology service was created with the simple idea of leveraging innovative and emerging technology to enable businesses to better themselves through an increase of productivity and efficiency, ultimately resulting in an increase of profitability.

NBN And Your Business

The NBN network is a government infrastructure project that will provide broadband internet and fixed phone line access to all Australians through a combination of optic fibre, and fixed wireless and satellite technology in the harder to reach areas. Fibre improves the speed and quality of voice and data delivery, which will better serve Australian businesses in an increasingly connected global marketplace. The infrastructure is being rolled out by the government owned nbn. The different types of NBN The NBN uses a combination of different technologies to deliver high speeds and a stable network across, depending on where your business is located. Although the four listed below are not a complete list, just the more common technologies. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) nbn supplied through the fttp is regarded as the superior method of supplying the network as is it works with an optic fibre cable running directly from NBNCo to your business. This means no traffic congestion and the highest available speeds. Unfortunately this is the most costly method for the government as it requires running brand new optic cables to every business in australia. Fibre to the Node (FTTN) The FTTN network works by taking advantage of the already rolled out copper network that has supplied Australia with the now inferior ADSL network. This works by rolling out brand new optic cables to centralised hubs (Nodes) then transferring the network across to the copper cables. Fixed Wireless Fixed Wireless connection utilises data transmitted over radio signals to connect a premises to the nbn network. This connection is typically used in circumstances where the distance between premises can be many kilometres. Data travels from a transmission tower located as far as 14 kilometres to an antenna that has been fitted to the premises by an approved nbn installer. Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) An nbn HFC connection is used in circumstances where the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to make the final connect to the nbn network. In this circumstance a HFC line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises. What does the NBN network mean for my business? When connected to the NBN network, your business will have access to faster internet. Which means not only much higher quality voice and sound with your telecommunications solutions but your business will have a greater selection of possible voice solutions. If your business has been connected already to the NBN network, or your connection date is approaching, take advantage of NQBE's obligation free business audit. Have one of our highly trained telecommunications professionals visit your business to help you with your communications options, and to develop a tailored solution to best fit your business. Check your business address for NBN eligibility

Our Commitment to you

NQBE Integrated IT provides an obligation free audit service to its valued customers because we understand that an incorrect business communication solution can be costly. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of our business audit, however the primary being the opportunity for us to identify cost savings and increase efficiency for you, the customer. - Reduce Cost
- Provide Cost Transparency
- Increase Staff Productivity
- Identify Bottlenecks
- Fleet Optimization
- One Vendor
- Identify needs for both internal and external communications
- Proactive Servicing and Maintenance Our free business auditing service that we offer is what helps set NQBE - Integrated I.T. apart from the Office technology market. We wholeheartedly believe in our approach to offer the most outstanding customer service with our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy. It's with this idea in mind that we strongly suggest to any and all potential customers to take advantage of our business audit and have one of our highly trained professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business, because we guarantee you'll be surprised with the outcome, after all it's free. Other than a large telco bill, what have you got to lose?

Powered by Ne.Connect

Ne.Connect is a brand developed by NQBE to enable businesses to leverage technology to better themselves, increase productivity and efficiency, all leading to increased profitability. We are currently experiencing another golden age of technology that if implemented correctly allows businesses of any size to compete not only against larger corporations but to stand head and shoulders above them and drive outcomes that never before thought to be achievable. Ne.Connect is many things but ultimately, what it is it here to achieve? It’s actually rather simple yet has powerful and long lasting effects Ne.Connect

Our range of devices

At NQBE Integrated IT, we offer a range of handsets to give you options when investigating the right telecommunication solution.  When we engage with you to tailor a solution to best suit your needs, our communication experts will advise you on the best option.

On Prem handsets NQBE
On premises devices
VoIP Handsets NQBE
Hosted Devices - powered with Ne.Connect

Case Studies

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Whether you're interested in how a managed service can help your business, you've seen us out in the community, have a complaint or something to praise, we would love to hear from you.